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Sustainability and Climate Change

The Earth’s resources are being exhausted. Waste products, particularly plastics, no longer just fill up landfill sites and pollute our rivers, they are affecting our seas and oceans as well.  Food needs to be grown and gathered more sustainably. Pesticides and herbicides should be used judiciously, fish caught selectively, land and wildlife managed carefully. 

This award recognises an organisation making significant steps to bridge the gap between an unsustainable present and a more sustainable future. 

We are looking for innovations in fields of engineering, science and technology that demonstrate a significant contribution to sustainability and making a positive impact on current environmental issues and challenges. We are searching for the most innovative, creative and sustainable contributions to the physical and social environment. 

The entry can cover an entirely new concept or the development of an existing process, project, initiative or product.  Entries are welcomed either from individuals, small teams or organisations (both engineers and non engineers) that are both innovative in nature and sustainable from a resource perspective.

Please consider how you can demonstrate the benefits of your innovation in your entry form.  A shortlist and winner will be selected by our judging panel.