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We want to award innovators leading transformative tech initiatives in sectors ranging from education and healthcare, to human rights and fintech.

  • How are they using technology to make our world a better place?
  • Why are they doing it?
  • What is the impact it is having?

The Tech for Good Award recognises innovators who are creating solutions which will positively enhance our lives and change the shape of the world we live in today.

Please consider how you can demonstrate the benefits of your innovation in your entry form.  A shortlist and winner will be selected by our judging panel.

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Satish Kumar Boguda - Chair 

International Researcher and Senior Software Developer 
Dynamic Enterprise Solutions 

Chris Morriss

Consultant Engineer

Bethany Koby 

Conscious entrepreneur and advocate of hands on learning and 21st century skills for all kids

Alex Pettener

Design Manager, Offshore Wind Farm Electrical Infrastructure
Siemens Energy

Brian M Back BEng(Hons) CEng FIET

Founder & CEO
Zero Pollution Network

Mike T

Engineering Strand Lead – Business Applications