Awards Group Photov1


Q: Who can enter?

  • The awards are open to anyone, individuals and organisations of all sizes
  • Some categories do have specific criteria which is clearly outlined in the scopes.

Q: Can you only enter if you’re in the UK?

  • Not at all, we accept entries from all over the world.  Our winners aren’t just UK based either.

Q: Do you have to be a member of the IET?

  • No, we welcome innovations from anyone.

Q: Is there a fee to enter the awards?

  • Entries submitted on or before the early bird deadline of the 13 June will not incur an entry fee
  • If you are submitting after the early bird deadline of the 13 June 2022 you will need to pay an entry fee of £199 +VAT per entry. Each innovation can be entered into a maximum of three categories and the fee will be applicable for each category entered.

Q: Can I enter more than one category?

  • Of course and we welcome it! Please note, however, that each innovation can only be entered into a maximum of three categories
  • Our entry system is set up to allow you to duplicate your entry so just tweak each one to be relevant to the category.

Q: Can I enter with more than one innovation?

  • Yes absolutely we want to hear about your work.

Q: When is the finalists announced?

  • We make the announcement in September every year.

Q: Does it have to be commercialised or already launched?

  • Not necessarily. Please check the scope of the category you wish to enter for more information.

Q: Can I add supporting materials to my submission?

  • Yes, you can and these can be photos, graphics, videos or testimonials. You may add a maximum of five files under 7MB and five files over 7MB to support your application
  • For files over 7MB please host your file on a file sharing site i.e. YouTube, Dropbox or similar and provide the link in your application.

Q: Will my submission be published in the public domain?

  • Yes, the finalists and winners will be published through a variety of channels and available to the public.

Q: Can I edit my submission after it has been submitted?

  • Once your submission has been completed you cannot make any edits.