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Best Innovation in Net Zero and Sustainability

Innovative and sustainable hydrometallurgical process to recycle lithium-ion batteries and recover their precious metal compounds using orange peel and citric acid

Aurabeat Technology Limited
Energy saving sonic and silver ion antiviral air-handling unit

Cabildo de Gran Canaria
Salto de Chira, an innovative pumped-storage hydroelectricity plant leading Gran Canaria island towards a sustainable future, energy sovereignty and the eco-island concept

China Electric Power Research Institute
Low-voltage energy routing technology for distributed generation utilisation and highly reliable power supply

ESS Inc.
New Iron-flow batteries decarbonising the grid and providing 24/7 renewable power

National Grid Electricity Transmission and The University of Manchester
Retro-fill replacement of SF6 to accelerate the decarbonisation of electricity network

Navitas Semiconductor
‘Electrify Our World™’ with Navitas GaNFast Power ICs™

Foodprint - Make it easy; development of an automated AI food waste and scope 3 emission tracking system for food businesses and corporate sustainability reporting

Ocean Purpose Project
Ocean purpose project plastic to fuel unit

Radio Data Networks Limited
Making our sewers and drains sustainable - using retrofit, low carbon, wastewater flow regulation & smart network technology, to reduce incidents of flooding, pollution and plastics in the oceans

SP Energy Networks
Angle DC- enhancing distributed renewable energy generation

Water Powered Technologies
The Papa Pump - Making water supply sustainable

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People’s Choice - Young Pioneer of the Year

The E&T Young Pioneer Award shines a light on innovation and creativity and uncovers amazing tech ideas that are borne out of issues that young people care about. We want to use this award to find a new generation of tech entrepreneurs and inventors who are putting their brilliant minds to new tech solutions that can support a better engineered world. Unlike the other categories in the E&T Innovation Awards, you can help decide the winner of the Young Pioneer Award. 

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The voting will close during the awards ceremony on 10 November 2022, when the winner will be revealed.

From the soil, the electrical revolution: recycling lithium-ion batteries through agri-food waste

Breathing Cart
Breathing Cart

UK Power Networks
Unlocking the power of truly open data