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Previous winners

Quotes from previous winners:

"Winning an Innovation Award has provided an excellent platform to drive a broader interest in innovation across my organisation"
M J Cox - Royal Navy (HECLA)

"Winning the IET Intelligent Systems Innovation Award in 2018, helped us to reinforce our position as technology innovators and raised the profile of CableGuardian across the Rail Sector."
Neil Douglas, MD, Viper Innovations

"The IET Award provided the perfect launching pad for scaling up our innovative process to develop sustainable aviation fuels"
Prof Mercedes Maroto-Valer, Heriot-Watt University

"This is an exciting award that encourages us to keep working on our innovations and stay with IET"
Ruodan Lu - Cambridge University

"Winning the award is a big step toward the attainment of our vision, the award has created visibility and helped us reach more recognition, awards as grants."
Johnmary Kavuma - Upcycle Africa

"The award empowered this disruptive technology to be recognized and helped in opening new doors for its adoption"
Ashutosh Tomar - Tech Transformation Manager, Jaguar Landrover

"Winning the awards was a chance for us to celebrate the achievements of our engineering team. The awards provide a larger context which reminds the team of how innovative and ground-breaking their work really is."
Lorna Slater - Engineering Project Manager, Orbital Marine Power Ltd