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Most Cutting Edge Solution in Power and Energy


Oxford PV

Perovskite photovoltaics will convert more energy from the power of the sun to accelerate deployment of solar energy, enabling

sustainable, affordable energy for communities around the world.

 “Solar power is one of the most valuable sources of renewable energy across the globe. The potential impact of a significant improvement in output along with a reduced dependence on silicon, and production scaled at a commercial level made this a winning entry.”

Silver Award

Tsinghua University Key technologies of novel wide-band electromagnetic sensors and panoramic information perceptions for intelligent power grids.

“Energy system decarbonisation will universally increase our dependence on power grids. This innovative approach to the incorporation of a range of new system sensors combined with intelligent learning provides the prospect of significantly more reliable and efficient power infrastructure.”

Bronze Award

Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy and Scottish Power Renewables

Wind farm demonstration of new grid forming controls, including islanding, grid resynchronisation and black start, required for future power systems dominated by renewable energy sources.

The development of ‘grid forming’ technology is a step change in the integration of wind and solar resources at scale by providing the inertia usually derived from large rotating generators that is essential for system stability. The substantial scale of the pilot project is particularly worthy of merit.”

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Most Innovative Project for the Future of Manufacturing


Russell Finex

The ultimate powder handling solution for every stage of the AM industry.

As 3D printing has grown over the years, so have powder issues like speed of recovery, its wastage and safety. The company’s clever sieve station tackles all these problems and more.

Excellent application with well-prepared supporting evidences to high standard. A complete powder handling solution for the addictive manufacturing technology. Detailed descriptions on how the innovation works with highlight of the uniqueness of its sieve ad ultrasonic mesh deblinding systems.”

Silver Award

MK Test Systems

The RTS (Real Time Scanning) Test System – a modular, high speed wire harness test system which improves

testing time and efficiency for the manufacture of aircraft, trains, and eTrucks at both sub-assembly and FAL stages.

RTS offers a method of testing electrical wiring harnesses on aircraft assembly lines and high voltage vehicles while improving testing speed, efficiency, accuracy and safety through its modular, miniaturised design which takes the test point directly into the assembly.”

Bronze Award

Nuclear AMRC, IVY TECH LTD, Laser Additive Solutions, Taraz-Metrology and Brunel University London

Ultrasonic material processing enabled intelligent additive manufacturing with in-line inspection for small modular reactor manufacturing.

“SonicSMR upgrades the current metal additive manufacturing system by enabling ultrasonication, in-process inspection, and AI-based defect-recognition to manufacture large-scale safety-critical components. It enhances the manufacturing, especially for nuclear components manufacturing using advanced AM techniques.”

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Best Emerging Technology of the Year


Ars Electronica Futurelab, Johannes Kepler University Linz and Siemens Healthineers

Virtual Anatomy

This is an excellent example of data fusion that enables the detailed exploration of a patient’s body.  Combining CT and MRI scans with 3-D visualisation, it will positively impact quality of life of patients, enabling Physicians to remotely diagnose and determine surgical strategies.  This integrated systems approach will significantly enhance the knowledge and capability of students and practitioners.”

Silver Award


Developing cutting edge capabilities with inflame - epidemiological malware simulation and automated response

using deep reinforcement learning.

“Internet security impacts everyone.  This innovation represents a significant breakthrough in automated protection against malware, employing techniques established in epidemiology and applying them to complex communication systems.  The malware simulator builds a topological model of any network and models possible security responses and their effects, reducing highly repetitive tasks and easing pressure on analysts.”

Bronze Award


AssetScan™ - using UAVs and machine learning to track structural deterioration.

This optical analysis technique, applies machine learning algorithms to remotely captured images of man-made and natural structures.  The algorithms determine features and condition of structures with minimum manual analysis and without the need to place operatives in dangerous situations.  This means more regular and detailed inspections of structures, with early diagnosis of emerging issues.”

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Most Innovative Solution in Future Mobility


KAN Engineering, Ford Motor Company, IDIADA, Smart Mobility Living Lab: London, HORIBA MIRA, UTAC-Millbrook, University of Leeds and Zenzic

Interoperable simulation for connected and automated mobility (CAM) - CAM testbed UK proof of concept

demonstrator - A flexible system-of-systems approach to CAM simulation testing.

“Autonomous vehicles promise a more sustainable, efficient, safer and socially accessible transportation system.

 Achieving this will require a large programme of simulation testing to show it is safe and reliable. CAM Testbed demonstrated an innovative approach to this challenge through a collaboration involving government, academia and the automotive sector.”

Silver Award

Knight Architects, Network Rail, Epsilon Optics, FoFlo, Jacobs, KS Composites, Q-Railing, Rapid Root and Sui Generis

Flow Bridge – An innovative modular footbridge.

Sustainable mobility extends beyond just improving vehicle efficiency and a key element is encouraging people to consider walking or bicycling. The Flow Bridge offers an innovative and elegant solution for integrating increased pedestrian traffic with existing and future mass transit.”

Bronze Award

Original ADS in partnership with RAC

Charge pod.

Although electric vehicles are gaining traction in the market, range anxiety and running out of charge is still a concern for existing and future owners. The ChargePod addresses this concern by providing a mobile recharging station that can revive a depleted battery and get these owners back on the road.”

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Best Application of Tech for Good


Kuronga Limited

Kuronga - Using A.I. to optimise quality validation and grading, and to connect small farmers and buyers

based on produce quality.

“The judging panel considered the Kuronga App to be the best example of Tech for Good, by deploying advanced AI and image recognition via a smartphone to enable produce grading and product matching rapidly to benefit both the farmer’s and the buyer’s needs, levelling the playing field between small-scale farmers and those with access to large commercial packhouse facilities.”

Silver Award

Karya Inc.

Karya Inc, empowering livelihoods through building the world’s first data cooperative.

Karya was selected for providing a new income source to 20,000 economically disadvantaged people in rural India, its ethical and scalable data processing and ownership model, and its pragmatic design for areas of intermittent internet access. The judging panel considered it a genuine and impactful Tech for Good example.”

Bronze Award


Democratising access to 1:1 tuition by combining best-in-class pedagogy, technology and a network of

qualified maths teachers.

The judging panel considered that Eedi was another fine example of Tech for Good, Eedi helps to close the education gap traditionally seen for various demographics of the learner, democratising education by combining best-in-class pedagogy, ground-breaking machine learning and a network of qualified maths teachers to provide the benefits of 1:1 tuition at a fraction of the price.”

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People’s Choice - Young Pioneer of the Year

The E&T Young Pioneer Award shines a light on innovation and creativity and uncovers amazing tech ideas that are borne out of issues that young people care about. We want to use this award to find a new generation of tech entrepreneurs and inventors who are putting their brilliant minds to new tech solutions that can support a better engineered world. Unlike the other categories in the E&T Innovation Awards, you can help decide the winner of the Young Pioneer Award. 

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Rayna Borah, Breathing Cart

“We liked this entry because it applies Hydroponics (growing plants without soil) to address a significant challenge farmers and food vendors face (in this case, in India). The concept has the potential to significantly improve the preservation of farm produce.”